Major collections

Terres australes

This collection is inspired by the landscapes of southern Argentina, lake "El Lago Argentino", glacier "Perito Moreno", and Ushuaia.


A collection with clean lines in the spirit of the most beautiful pieces of French and international jewellery, combining avant-garde and traditional techniques.

Flow painting

Discovery and wonder are the key words of this collection. Deep Seas, terrestrial bark, lava flows or even Citrus fruits. Here the pigments evolve, and transform into sublime transparencies, seabed, microscopic worlds or constellations of celestial space.

Mur végétal

The luminosity, the shadow, the mist, the earth, the tree sap, LIFE ! My attention is particularly focused on the graphics of the leaves, their unique individual and fascinating identity.

Silvia Depaire, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Painter.

Silvia Depaire - Artiste peintre

The artist's universe

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